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Chaar Dewaari

Friends | Memories | Food | Chai



We let our customers decide what Chaar Dewaari should be all about; they chose well.

Making treasurable memories with friends, around good food and most importantly, chai that is just right. The four cornerstones to a life well-lived, in our humble opinion.

There’s a defining ‘Desi’ vibe to Chaar Dewari and we wear that rather proudly.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday


Friday to Sunday


Our Favorites

Our must try Menu... You will love them!!

Charsi Paratha

Chicken, Cream

and Herbs

Rs. 320

Chicken Paratha


and Herbs

Rs. 200

Karachi Shawarma

Shawarma Chicken,

Vegetables n Herbs

Rs. 200

Doodh Patti Chai

Made with Pure Milk
Rs. 90

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